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   Best Free PLR Downloads Ebooks
Business & Finance   |   Free PLR eBooks 

Free PLR Downloads Ebooks-Modern-Facebook-Marketing-ebook.webp

Modern Facebook Marketing


Modern Twitter Marketing

Free PLR Downloads Ebooks-Modern-Instagram-Marketing-ebook.webp

Modern Instagram Marketing

Free PLR Downloads Ebooks

Copywriting Expertise

   Personal Development   |   Free PLR eBooks   


Eliminate Stress & Anxiety

Free PLR Downloads Ebooks-Developing-Courage-ebook.webp

Developing Courage


5 Steps to Improving Your Mindset

-Free PLR Downloads EbooksHappiness-mantra-ebook.webp

Happiness Mantra

   Health Food & Diet   |   Free PLR eBooks   

Organic Gardening Tips-ebook.jpg

Organic Gardening


7 Superfoods for
Vegan Athletes


7 Superfoods That Reverse the Aging Process

Free PLR Downloads Ebooks-good-carb-diet-overview-over-350-recipes-ebook.webp

Good Carb Diet
Over 350 Recipes

   Mind Body & Spirit   |   Free PLR eBooks   


Acupuncture Mastery


Meditation for Relaxation


Fitness Psychology


Beginner's Guide
to Meditation

   Free Audiobooks

Modern social media marketing - plr audiobook.JPG

Social Media Marketing

7 Superfoods that reverse Aging - plr audiobook.JPG

7 Superfoods That
Reverse the Aging Process

Free PLR Downloads Ebooks-PLR audiobook - Energy unleashed.JPG
Tube Celebrity - plr audiobook.JPG

Energy Unleashed

YouTube Celebrity

Why PLR eBooks?

PLR ebooks are basically ebooks with Private Label Rights. These rights let you do nearly anything you want with the ebook. You're able to modify and rebrand the eBook, resell it, or even give it away as a lead magnet for your courses or clients. You can even claim ownership of a PLR eBook, allowing you to combine it with other products and even converting it into other formats (video, audio, etc.). 

Aside from PLR eBooks, there are also PLR articles, audios, scripts, videos, emails, softwares, plugins, and many other digital products. One thing for sure - Private Label Rights save you TONS of time, energy, and money, since you're not creating products from scratch. Here are just some of the ways you can use our free PLR eBooks:


Reselling PLR eBooks can generate you a tone of passive income. You can sell the eBooks as is, or you can also combine them with other digital products, such as course packages, videos, and audio. Using a website, funnel, or online marketplace, such as Amazon, there are so many ways of selling your PLR product. 

Content Creation


Aside from giving away PLR eBooks, you can also use them for content creation. When you repurpose an eBook, you change its format, allowing you to feed your audient much better content. From just a single eBook you can create articles, videos, and even make podcasts.


The best way to rebrand PLR eBooks and make them unique are:

  • Adding your logo

  • Changing the cover

  • Editing the contents 

  • Adding new valuable material

  • Removing redundant or non-important material

PLR Uses Watermarked.jpg

How to Make Money With PLR eBooks?

Using PLR Products as Affiliate Bonuses

Using PLR products is an excellent way to boos your affiliate sales, since they can be used as a bonus product. For example, you can incite the customer to buy via your affiliate link, offering them numerous eBooks or other PLR content that is relevant to what they're looking for. It's a very common method that affiliates use to boost their sales. 

Using PLR Content for List Building

One of the most common strategies is using PLR products to build a list, and then afterwards monetize your list with related products. This is best done with an e-commerce store or a sales funnel. You don't need to sell your own products. You can simply sell products as an affiliate marketer. The best part is that PLR eBooks are made to be lead magnets, that allow you to use them as a giveaway or bonus, inciting people to join your email list. 

Selling PLR eBooks on the Marketplace

Now there are people who edit, rebrand, and resell eBooks on Amazon or other online venues, and they make a good amount of sales doing it. There is potential to make sales on the online marketplace, since many people are already shopping there, and they already have customers in place. If your product looks attractive and enticing, there's a good chance that people will buy it.

Adding Value to Your Products

Imagine that you're a business coach and want to add PLR products to give more value for what you're selling. For example, you could offer numerous eBooks on social media marketing, gaining traffic, list-building, and many more topics that your clients are interested in learning. You could offer just about any eBook related to what you're niche is. 


We strive to find you the latest and top-trending PLR eBooks, where you can download for free. We work hard to get you best-selling Private Label Rights eBooks. Don't forget to subscribe to our email list, and receive emails you when a new PLR eBook is released from our authors and PRL content providers.

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